We offer HIPAA compliant therapy online to Colorado, Wyoming, and Hawaii individual adolescents & adults, couples, and families.  

We offer other services worldwide online.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am - 4 pm;  Clinicians determine their own hours and holidays. 

Sheridan, WY Office Space Available!  Price based on part time usage.

Mountain view from our private suite, waiting room, and break area in our quiet office building.

Building offers beautiful windowed conference room.  

You may also want to join our team!  Call Leilani at 719-964-0833 for more information.




"Leilani did a great job helping us settle... . Her feedback was encouraging and affirming. The moments where she "interrupted" to offer input were spot on. She probably could have done more interrupting, her guidance was so valuable."


"So positive and excellent at giving feedback around strength areas. She was kind and welcoming and created a safe space to learn while also offering excellent suggestions."


"Everything was right. I do not have anything to say about improvements. Leilani was extremely helpful and gentle. I felt supported and connected during the...sessions."


"Leilani was a great guide throughout....she provided a learning space free of any judgment or pressure...I felt at ease throughout the entire time, which I attribute to Leilani's presence and way of being."


"I'm in awe of how much and how well Leilani tracked us and was able to explain with so much specificity of what she saw/experienced that I could deeply take in what she was offering. Her gentle, kind presence along with her warmth confidence and skills, were incredibly soothing and helpful in calming my nervous system while increasing my learning- exactly what was needed for my learning."


"Leilani was so warm and kind and fostered a healthy learning environment. Leilani was incredible."


"Leilani was wonderful. Created such a warm and safe space for us to play!"


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